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‘Another new novel by Rodney Hall is like a pitcher of freshly mixed margaritas to a confirmed alcoholic. It’s like: “Go away and just let me alone with this book!” You just have to wonder about Rodney Hall. He’s more like a dervish than a writer. It is Hall’s gift for taut rhythms, predicaments, mystery and a sense of danger that make the writing in his novels so captivating.’

- Carolyn See,The Washington Post


The Ship on the Coin

UQP  1970


A Place Among People

UQP  1975, 1985 


Just Relations

Penguin (Aust)  1982

Viking (USA)  1982

Allen Lane  (UK)  1982

Penguin  (USA)

Penguin  (UK)

Presses de la Renaissance (France) as In Memoriam

Simon & Schuster / Fireside  (USA)  1988 

Picador (Aust)  2000   

Allen & Unwin / House of Books (Aust)  2012


Kisses of the Enemy

Penguin (Aust) 1987

Farrar Straus & Giroux (USA and Canada) 1988

Faber & Faber (UK)  1988, 1990

Simon & Schuster / Fireside  (USA) 1990


Captivity Captive

Farrar Straus & Giroux  (USA and Canada) 1987

Faber & Faber (UK) 1987, 1989

McPhee Gribble (Aust)  1988, 1989

Simon & Schuster / Fireside  (USA) 1989 (?)

Fisher Verlag (Germany) as Gefangen (h.back + paperback) 1990

Författarförlaget (Sweden) as De Döda Skall Tala

Klim (Denmark) as Paradis

Presses de la Renaissance  (France) as Secrets Barbares 1990

[included in the Yandilli Trilogy / A Dream More Luminous than Love.]

L'Arbre Vengeur (France) as Secrets Barbares 2020


The Second Bridegroom

Farrar Straus & Giroux (USA and Canada)  1991

Faber & Faber (UK)  1991, 1992

McPhee Gribble (Aust)  1991, 1992

Simon & Schuster / Fireside (USA)  1992 (?)

Fisher Verlag (Germany) as Der Zweiter Bräutigam 1993

Le Fil Invisible (France) as Le Second Fiancé 

[included in the Yandilli Trilogy / A Dream More Luminous than Love.]


The Grisly Wife

Farrar Straus & Giroux (USA and Canada)  1993

Faber & Faber  (UK) 1993, 1994

McPhee Gribble (Aust)  1993

Fischer Verlag (Germany) as Das Schaurige Weib 1995

Editions Payot-Rivages (France) as L’Epouse

[included in the Yandilli Trilogy / A Dream More Luminous than Love.]

The Yandilli Trilogy / A Dream More Luminous that Love

Picador (Aust)  1994, 1994

Farrar Straus & Giroux (USA)  1994

Faber & Faber  (UK) 1994


The Island in the Mind

Picador  (Aust)  1996, 1997

Granta  (UK)  1997, 1998 


The Day we had Hitler Home

Picador (Aust)  2000, 2001

Granta  (UK) 2001, 2002

Alianza (Spain) 2003

Temas e Debates (Portugal) 2005


The Last Love Story

Picador  (Aust)  2004


Love without Hope

Picador (Aust)  2007


A Stolen Season

Picador (Aust) 2018

Short Fiction


Pier 9 / Murdoch Books (Aust)  2012


Popeye never told you

Pier 9 / Murdoch Books (Aust)  2010

Short Fiction

Short Fiction


Focus on Andrew Sibley

UQP (Aust) 1968

J.S.Manifold, an introduction to the man and his work

UQP 1978

Australia: Image of a Nation 1850-1950  (with David Moore)

Collins (Aust) 1983

PR (Aust) 1989

Home: A Journey through Australia

John Murray (UK) 1988

Minerva  (Aust)  1988, 1990

Sydney Harbour (with David Moore)

Chapter & Verse (Aust) 1995

An Australian Place (with David Moore)

Chapter & Verse (Aust) 1997


Abolish the States!

Pan (Aust) 1999, 2000


1904: Korea Through Australian Eyes

 (bi-lingual English / Korean edition) with photographs by George Rose

Kyobo Books (Republic of Korea) 2004

Stage works

Whispers (libretto, music by Andrew Ford)

Seymour Group, Sydney,

recording 1991


A Return to the Brink (play)

Melbourne Festival 2001

Currency Press (Aust) 2001


Dry River Run (opera, music by Paul Dean)

Queensland Conservatorium of Music,

Brisbane 2018

Poetry collections

Penniless till Doomsday

Outposts (UK) 1962


Forty Beads on a Hangman’s Rope

Wattle Grove Press (Aust) 1963



South Head Press (Aust) 1967


The Autobiography of a Gorgon

F.W.Cheshire (Aust) 1968


The Law of Karma

Australian National University Press (Aust) 1968


Heaven, in a way

UQP (Aust) 1970


A Soapbox Omnibus

UQP (Aust) 1972


Selected Poems

UQP (Aust) 1975, 1976


Black Bagatelles

UQP (Aust) 1980, 1981


The Most Beautiful World

UQP (Aust) 1982, 1983


The Owner of My Face

Paperbark Press (Aust) 2002


New Impulses in Australian Poetry (with Thomas W. Shapcott)

UQP (Aust), 1968, 1969


Stories from Australia (bi-lingual English / Bahasa Malaysia edition)

BMP (Malaysia) 1977


The Australians (text with photographs)

Lloyd O’Neill (?)


The Collins Book of Australian Poetry

Collins (Aust) 1982, 1985


Newsletter (monthly)

Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines (1961-65)


Yinjilli (quarterly newsletter)

Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines (1962-3)


Social Services and Aborigines (with Shirley Andrews)

Information pamphlet 1963

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