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Andrew Sibley

Rodney Hall

‘A thrillingly smart and juicy writer.’

  - New York Times


New Edition

Captivity Captive
(1987, 2020)

"The prose of Captivity Captive, in its singing, somehow makes an ugly incident strangely beautiful, and leaves me feeling I may have read a work of art which deserves to sit beside Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier  and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s The Autumn of the Patriarch."

- Jack Hodgins

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Everything about Rodney Hall’s work is major: the beauty of the writing, the dark and vibrant imagination, and the enormous pleasure it gives the reader.

Michael Herr

from the reviews

Just Relations is magnificent ... so good that you wish you had written it yourself.

Salman Rushdie

The characteristic tone of Kisses of the Enemy is one of black glee. But, although it is very funny, it is not primarily a comic novel. It is, finally, heroic. Rodney Hall displays the English language as if he had freshly washed it.

It looks new.

Angela Carter


About Rodney Hall

Twice winner of the Miles Franklin Award, 1982, 1995,
winner of the Canada-Australia Award, 1989,
the Victorian Premier’s Prize, 1989,
the FAW Christina Stead Prize, 2007,
New South Wales Premier’s Special Award, 2014
twice awarded the gold medal of the Australian Literature Society.
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